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Print Tartan 2013- Mathias Hornung

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Woodprint, Rice paper, offset ink

graphic 70 x 70cm 

Paper 90 x 90 cm




About the Artists 

Mathias Hornung, Born 1965 in Tübingen.

Free study of stage and costume design at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart with Prof. Peter Grau and Prof. Jürgen RoseMathias

Hornung’s works are based on rectangular grids that are either printed on paper or three-dimensionally on wood. Topography as well as time and space play a big role in his works, but the ultimate idea behind his practice is the imminent "fall out" from the perfect, even and regular grid of life. Hornung's works cross the boundaries between graphics and sculpture, intuition and handcraft. They are sensual yet conceptual pictorial formations that play out the space and interspace between media and materials. Each print, even the one that appears manifold in itself, points back to its origin. Origin and postponement, before and after cross over in Hornung’s woodcuts and printing blocks, which open themselves up to unexpected perceptions.


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