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mdl_007a.jk, 2020- Jakub Kubica

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Stone, aluminium
50 x 50 x 50 cm


About the artist 

Jakub Kubica was born in Slovakia in 1992. Modularity is a central tenet of Kubica’s work, recurring throughout his installations, sculptures, video works, and sound performances. Across each medium, the synthesis of objects of natural origin with technical or digital matter has become a distinguishing feature of Jakub Kubica’s practice. He is involved in Berlin master finalist of 2021.

Interestingly, natural elements of his art such as stone, rotting wood, sand, and soil demonstrate no indication of life. As these elements interact with technology and digital components, Kubica invites spectators to envision themselves in a future period, to investigate living beings from an archaeological perspective, and to appreciate both the beauty and the darkness of the present. The art works seem like a quip to rational thinking, prompting the spectator to consider the existence, worth, and significance of these combinations.


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