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Going backwards in a circle, 2022 - Viktor Petrov

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Telescopic mirror, Burner grate, Section of a ceramic plate 

23 x 3 x 43 cm

5 Edition + 1 AP 


About the Work

In his ongoing research Going Backwards In a Circle, Petrov
explores the historical development of glass-ceramics to exam-
ine the patterns of work—work linked to the "biological processes of the human body" and "un- natural" work, i.e. work in which the transcendence of our physical existence. Ceran cooktop and telescopic mirror have the same roots, meanwhile, they indicate different yet interdepend- ent working types: The re-productive work, like cooking and cleaning, and so-called productive work, for instance, space research. However, scientif- ic publications of Schott AG still show dif- ferent areas of work are dominated by people of a specific gender or social background. Petrov penetrates the superficiality of society and politics, inviting the spectators to re-examine sur- rounding from a critical point of view.


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