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Distortion Universal Seat 2022-Leon Emanuel Blanck

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Stone (red boulder) Aluminium table

Wood, Cotton Fabric, Steel, Industrial Foam, Epoxy Resin / 110x76x90 cm


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About the artist 

Leon Emanuel Blanck was born in 1985, he has been creating designs in his atelier since 2012 and is active in the fashion, design and art scene. Blanck utilised his most familiar material, fabric to enrich his universe of Anfractuous Distortion, in which every piece represents an extension of its original concept. With this piece, in particular, form dominates over object, and emotion comes through the interplay of the convex and concave. With his work, Blanck consciously rearranges ordered information, shaping new odd creations that seem to stem from another universe. The process of deconstruction and reconstruction permeates through all his objects.


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