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The Lobster, 2021 - Leon Emanuel Blanck

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X-Rays, Epoxy, Resin

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About the artist 

Leon Emanuel Blanck was born in Germany in 1985. His eponymous clothing label is well-known in the high fashion industry. Like his design philosophy, his sculptures are inspired by the interaction between the human body and other physical objects. Blanck utilizes a common yet unique material, X-ray film, to decipher mysteries of the body.  He organically deconstructs the body and then consciously rearranges the ordered information, shaping new odd creatures seemingly stemming from another universe. 

According to the artist, they are each created as an expression of his Anfractuous Distortion universe, where every piece represents an extension of its original concept. Drippings, lines, reflections – all are called upon to transport the artist's obsession with volumes, movement, and materials onto physical objects, sculptures and more. Each creation exudes a sense of abundance, strong presence, and substance.


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