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Symbiosis, 2021- Ia Kutateladze

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Raw black clay
110 x 80 cm

Five components create a lighting structure, which includes a set of three lamps, a coffee table with glass, a stool/ side table.
Each component is completely hand made from raw black clay.

The artist Kutateladze employs a seemingly fragile material - black clay, to convey a perception of tension between fragmentation and permanence.

The shape that explodes from the inside out also simultaneously disintegrates the space, further heightening the tension. At the same time, the artist uses her mastery of materials and aesthetics to convey a poetic inner world.

About the artist 

Ia Kutateladze is a Georgian multidisciplinary designer based in Berlin, whose greatest inspiration is the material explorations and the creative processes themselves. Kutateladze studied product and interior design in Florence, Italy, graduating in 2010. Since 2012, she has been working independently on products, creating furniture, lighting and any other kind of functional objects. The production of her work happens in her studio, where different mediums of design and craft are merged together with experimentation, playfulness, love for various materials and fascination for instinctive and intuitive creative processes.


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